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As a sister, we can be that bridge between the LGBT community and “Straight” community. I plan to always bring smiles to people’s faces, bring enlightenment to the community, and spread love and peace to all. Just like my secular life’s calling to be a nurse and help those in need, I find my sister calling to be somewhat the same. I feel that my calling is to educate the community as much as possible on HIV/AIDS awareness. I never want to be a preaching sister, by the way of forcing people to take condoms, and making them feel guilty for not using them if they choose to do so. I want to be that sister that can say, “Are you having fun tonight? Well here is a little gift for you.” I want them to feel comfortable and know that if they ever see me out, they can always approach me for anything.

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"The measure of who we are, is what we do with what we have"


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