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Amoura Gingermane

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March 2014

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When I first joined the Bear community I was welcomed with open arms. One of the reasons I felt so welcome was that they did't care what I looked like body wise and welcomed anyone into the community regardless if you were a bear, cub, twink, chaser, otter, etc. I want to bring that welcoming and kind aura back, we seem to have lost our way. We all need to be kind to each other, we are all part of the gay family. I would also like to help the gay youth of the area realize that you can be who you are and don't need to hide your true self. There are people out there that can help and if I can help just one young person then this was all worth it.

My name means I Love (Amour) red (Ginger) heads (mane)! I was born in Orlando at the old Navy Training Center (Baldwin Park) in 1975. I lived here until the age of eight then moved to Ocala. I was in the Army for five years and moved back to the area in 2003. I now live near Ocoee and love it. I have known several current and past Sisters for quite awhile and debated about joining for a couple years before finally taking the plunge. I'm glad I did as now not only do I belong to the Bear community/family but have found another family that has accepted me for who I am and am having a blast along the way.


When I feel like there's no love coming to me and I have no love to give. When I'm feeling separated from the world and cutoff from myself. When I'm feeling annoyed by every little thing bec.

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