The Perpetual Indulgence Ball

The Perpetual Indulgence Ball

Daniel Martinez (aka Danny Ninja) and The Orlando Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are taking the children to church with a ball of heavenly proportions!

In the styles of Paris is Burning, The Orlando Sisters are cordially inviting you to the first ever ball to be hosted by the Sisters. The ball seeks to bring together the vogue houses and children of Orlando to compete in various categories that best reflect what the Sisters are: 21st Century Nuns...that know how to serve face and can dance the house down!

The theme is church, Catholicism, and anything else that will turn Pulse Nightclub into a church service that will put even the the most Southern of Baptist Churches to shame!

The ball will be $15 until March 1st and then will be $20 at the door. If people or the different house members would like to sit together, there will be tables available for $50. In true church fashion, we will have a specialty drink, "Communion Wine," as well as jello and test tube shots. All proceeds will go towards a local LGBT youth charity (TBA).

And in order to get all you need for the event, whether it be makeup or costumes, Embellish fx Orlando is offering a 20% discount to anyone making purchases for the ball! Just say that you are coming and they will hook you up!

Members of the vogue houses are being asked to compete in one of nineteen categories. Winners of the first eighteen categories will receive a trophy based on one of the Orlando Sisters' Fully Professed members with the final category winner receiving a special trophy as well as a cash prize!

The categories are:

1) School Boy Realness- The Altar Boy- Show the judges that you are ready for Sunday morning Lecture.

2) Runway- That Catholic School Girl- The Dean of students thinks your skirt is way too short…Pay it and make the boys gag.

3) Runway As a House- The Holy Trinity- Give us your best Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost.

4) Team Runway- Good vs. Evil. Jesus vs. Satan. Angels vs. Demons - The Bible is full of it so serve it to us on the Runway.

5) Poses, Poses & more Poses- Church Hats are a staple in the South so bring it in your fiercest hat and prepare to pose.6) Thug Realness- Swiss Guard/Military-The Swiss Guard protects the Pope and is the Vatican’s military. Bring your best Swiss Guard or Military Realness for the judges.

7) Old Way Vogue - His/ Her First Communion- The first communion is an important event for any Catholic, so bring it in what you think is appropriate and don’t forget to Pop, dip & spin. 

8) Hands Performance – The Euro-Nun- The hills are alive with the Sound of Music and we want to see your best European Nun face with white gloves.

9) Bizarre- Gargoyles are a staple of religious architecture. So give us your scariest, weirdest Gargoyle effect. Think Hunchback of Notre Dame meets Gargoyles.

10) New Way Vogue- The Exorcist! The Haunting of Emily Rose! Who’s that limber Bitch…? 

11) FQ Realness- GCB (Good Christian Bitches) Bring it in what you think Octavia Saint Laurent would wear to a Sunday morning church service.

12) BQ up in Pumps-The Pope is a Queen- Bring it in your best papal outfit, hat included and ovah pumps.

13) Commentator vs. Commentator- Give us a Cunty Religious Prayer!!!

14) Painted Face OTA- FQ, BQ, PB-The Stained glass is a beautiful addition to any cathedral…and to your face so you better paint well!

15) Lip Synch for your Life- That Choir Girl- You are the Sunday Gospel and there is no other. Remember this is church not a pageant!!!

16) Virgin Vogue (beginners) - School boy/girl- It’s freshman year and the senior class already don’t see it. Show these bitches that you are Soft, Cunt and ready to Graduate!

17) Female Figure Vogue- That Popular Bitch- Detention, Detention! So you think you are the only “Mean Girl” in uniform? Short Skirts please!!!!!

18) Women’s Performance- That Catholic High School Drop Out! - Bring us your Nastiest performance and how you got your GED! (General Everlasting Dipology)

19) Grand Prize-Vogue Fem Performance- The Perpetual Nun! Vogue Fem in a Nun’s Habit and Coronet. Need we say more?

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